Sunday, January 07, 2007

*sigh* I have my son back...

You haven't heard much about Skaterboy. I have blogged about him a couple of times. But, Skaterboy has had a lot of difficulties. He has been on medications for ADHD, OCD, depression and an Autistic Spectrum disorder. He has been quick to fly off the handle, combative, uber-sensitive, defiant, pestering. This has been hard to take because he has the kindest heart. But, our relationship has been strained to say the least (especially with Dearie) for several years. We have been seeing a family counselor for two years.

Skaterboy has been out of school for three weeks, now. We pulled him the week before Christmas break because he was failing everything. Even with all of the school's attempts to help him. (and they did try) It was looking very very hopeless. Not to mention the fact that we were shelling out over $6,000 a year for this school. This was very frustrating to all involved since he is obviously quite bright. He scores in the 80th-90th percentile on most of his standardized tests. He was getting As and Bs on his tests even with doing no homework. It had become quite apparent that Skaterboy and school were not a good fit.

In just the last three weeks, the change has been phenomenal. You wouldn't know him from a month ago. He is trying hard with the family, hanging around instead of locking himself in his room, he takes things in stride instead of blowing up, he is looking for ways to help out around the family instead of being indignant everytime he's asked to do the smallest thing. The house is so...relaxed now when he is around instead of the house vibrating with tension that puts everyone on edge. And he is off his medication.

I enjoy my son again.

Does this mean the change is permanent? No way! He's a teenager. Will he always be so agreeable? I seriously doubt it. But, just getting to see a glimmer of this young man again is so crazy wonderful! I don't how things will end up looking when he starts "school" tomorrow, but I know now, without a doubt, that this was the best decision we have made with him in years. And I am thanking God tonight for it and I'm praying that Skaterboy recognizes the amazing human being that God created in him and that he finds his purpose in life.


Niki Frew said...

I'd read some of your previous posts about Skaterboy, so this is WONDERFUL news! Glad God is answering your many prayers for this boy! We'll pray God will continue this work!