Saturday, January 06, 2007

Not the Gift of the Magi

On Christmas Eve, the kids put their names in a Santa hat and then took turns drawing them out to see who they would be buying a Christmas gift for. Meatball picked Jellybean and Jellybean picked Meatball. Seemed perfect since they're twins and all, plus both were very excited about it. Dearie had decided that all the kids needed a nap before we went to the dollar store because we had two church services that day.

Naptime was a nightmare. It was Christmas Eve after all. (Usually when we have naptime, the afternoon's activity hangs in the crux. If they are not listening and taking their naps, we don't do whatever. Because 1.) They have set up a pattern of not listening and 3 preschoolers not listening is a difficult monster to control. and 2.) They will be tired and whiny. Another monster.) I explained that we would not be able to go shopping if they weren't listening and settling down for their naps. I was even going to make it easy. Just 10 minutes would have earned them the trip. But 10 minutes could not be strung together. Not even 5 minutes of good behavior.

So, I told them we would not be going shopping. They asked, "So, can we go downstairs?" I told them they could. As they happily filed out of the bedroom, Meatball who was last in line stopped. He looked at me and asked, "So, Jellybean won't get a Christmas present from me, then?" I explained that she wouldn't. He turned around and got back into his bed. My heart melted. What a beautiful little boy. I turned to tell Jellybean about this wonderful Auntie Claus moment. I said wasn't this a sweet thing for Meatball to do. I said it was such a loving sacrifice. She looked at me wide-eyed and pensive.

I asked her, "So, what are you going to do?"
and she looked at me pointedly and said...

"Tell him to buy me something pretty."


Anonymous said...

haha!!!! classic, i love it

Anonymous said...

What a compassionate son you are raising and what a smart, smart daughter!