Monday, February 02, 2009

The Week of Being There

Yesterday began the Week of Being There. My week long experiment of not saying, "Just a minute" or "Hang on. Let me finish this." When I'm not doing anything important. When I'm on the computer or getting caught up in cleaning. Things that should not come before the kids. There obviously are things that I'm doing that I have to say, "Just a minute" to, like feeding Sweeting or taking a shower. But, in those cases I will tell them an exact time that I will do such and such with them. This does not mean I don't get any time to myself, it means that I waste a lot of time during the day, these days, that should be going to them.

So, yesterday was our first full day. And you know what? We had a great day! I had a lot of fun. We watched Sound of Music (reigniting my lifelong fantasies about Christopher Plummer), played Yahtzee, and did one of the kids' favorite things...We set up the camera on timer on one end of the room and then race to the other end to get our picture taken.

I'm looking forward to getting back to the things I love to do. and cracking out of this miserable shell.

grrrrr! What happened to the music?! It's so much funnier with Polka music!! Isn't everything?


Melanie said...

I love the video! It made me smile! :) Fun idea!

gem said...

looks like everyone is having a ball. I think you seem to be doing a great job of cracking out of that miserable shell!

valerie said...

what a great idea - everyone running instead of just one. Will definitely have to try that!

Lewis family said...

Oh no...someone else has lifelong fantasies about Christopher Plummer?!? I thought it was just me!!! *grin*

Thanks for sparking me to be a better mom!!!

= )

Erikarn said...

I forgot to try it with you ... darn. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow.

How do you balance setting boundaries with NOT saying "just a minute"? I am struggling to set clear boundaries with Eleanor, who is currently running me around like an efficient little dictator and scaring me into doing what *she* wants.

Oh, and how on earth do you have a couple of hours to drink a milkshake and surf for a video when you have such a large family, including an infant? Even if they are angels, they still take time. I am completely snowed in by one (see "dictator," above) and there is no way I could spare two hours for myself.

Niki said...

Loved this! Will be trying it whenever I can find our tripod. (I have not seen it since the mover.)

Bridgett said...

That is a wonderful resolution.

Rachel said...

this is great! And you look great!!!! Way to have fun with the kids. I should try this out with my kids. Thanks for the idea.