Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lame List Post

Well, Niki did it so I figured I could too! Everyone and their (or my) mother have been tagged on Facebook to do the 25 Random Things.
Here are mine:

1.) One of my favorite things to do is scald myself in a bath while reading cookbooks cover to cover.

2.) I was traumatized as a small child because my mother sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane" to me as a lullaby. I was always surprised to see her in the morning.

3.) In college I was ostracized from my campus NOW chapter because they did not agree with my Choice.

4.) I love Anna Akhmatova's poetry but never talk about it because it sounds pretentious.

5.) I was once a Russian major in college and was going to translate post-revolutionary poetry for a living. That's how I planned to make my fortune.

6.) I can't be around my girl cat at night because she looks like an animatronic cat and completely creeps me out.

7.) I hate the beach. Hot, sand, saltwater, squishy things. No. Damn. Good.

8.) I love the new New York Style brand Rosemary and Sea Salt Foccacia Sticks. http://www.newyorkstyle.com/varieties_focaccia.php

9.) When I was pregnant with the twins I was 54 inches around. That's 4 feet 6 inches.

10.) I blew out the speakers of my Subaru blasting Chumbawumba. Yes, Chowder. I am finally admitting it.

11.) When we played Charlie's Angels, I was always Sabrina. Trisha was Kris, Kim was Kelly, and Danny was Bosley.

12.) When I was 8 years old I was peed on by an adult Malayan Tapir at the St. Louis Zoo. And not just a little. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWcWCTPRc_k&feature=related

13.) Ever since I was a little girl I have starred in my own TV show (in my head). My audience has always loved me and found me witty and wise.

14.) I always wanted a house full of 7 children.

15.) I am a catalog junkie. No worries. I recycle.

16.) I can't wait to turn 40! I like myself so much better as I get older. I think I am so much prettier too. This aging thing is awesome! so far...

17.) I can't stand to get my hands wet. I have been known to wear rubber gloves to give the kids baths. And to wash my hair. poor kids with the freaky mom.

18.) I get filled with rage when I see people litter! I mean, what the hell, people?! Just opening a car window and throwing out a bag of fast food trash?! Who raised you?

19.) I rarely drink more than a glass or two of wine because I am afraid of the alcohol abuse in my family.

20.) When my children are first potty training, I tell them all that Daddy loves to wipe butts and it would hurt his feelings if they asked me instead of him.

21.) I have been in love with my husband for 22 years.

22.) I yell too much. I'm afraid too much.

23.) I am a pastor's wife who doubts her faith daily.

24.) Seed catalogs are my pornography. Nothing but fantasies.

25.) I love road trips and hate flying. Even though it takes days to get there, I love them. Even with 6 kids. I'm looking forward to the road trip this summer to our family reunion. Too bad it's at a beach ;)


wayfarer said...

I am the same way with getting my hands wet. My husband (the only one who knows about it) thinks i'm weird. Too funny. Such a weird thing. I use a lot of lotion to fight the crinkly feeling and can't touch anything for a while after getting hands wet. Your rubber glove idea is genius lol. I totally hate pink soap in public bathrooms because it makes it even worse. I cringe at that stuff.

I'm with you on 25 too. Hate flying love driving, with or without kids.

AJ said...

Oh, #20 is classic and perfect. Thank you for providing a great tip... cannot wait to use that one!

Elizabethw said...

#13 - you are probably too young, but do you recall the SNL skit with Gilda Radner doing The Judy Miller Show? That's all I can picture :)