Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The promised update...

I got to spend the day being poked and prodded to try and discover the mystery ailment that causes me to be unable to breathe at the end of my pregnancy. Not regular unable to breathe. Extra-special unable to breathe. Asthma-like. But it refuses to respond to any asthma treatments. (hospital breathing treatments, oral steroids, inhaled steroids, albuterol inhalers, Advair, Claritin, nothing!) I have had my heart explored, my lungs X-rayed, today I got to have my horrific varicose veins scanned for blood clots (very uncomfortable, I do not recommend it) and pulmonary such and such tests. All this time and money to show that...Yes, I cannot breathe. and No, they do not know why.

The only remedy? Deliver this darling little Sweeting of mine. (The delivery part is a little tricky when you can't take a deep breath to push.)


I started the index card system from Side-Tracked Home Executives and I have to say that I love the hands on concreteness of it. FlyLady drove me batty with all her pestering emails. This is completely under my control and I can decide what works best when.

The basic premise is to write down all of your daily jobs on yellow index cards, bi/weekly on blue, bi/monthly and seasonal on white. You indicate how much time each job takes, any job being 10 mins or less is indicated as a "mini." In the index file box you have month cards and 1-31 cards. You then make yourself a little weekly schedule mine is as follows:

Monday: Heavy Cleaning day (4 hours)
Tuesday: Laundry
Wednesday: Quiet Day (pay bills, make menu/grocery lists, make appointments etc)
Thursday: run errands
Friday: Moderate Cleaning (2 hours) and Laundry
Saturday: Baking
Sunday: Family and God

then with the help of my calendar I plug all the index cards into the slots and voila! I have a schedule! Once I'm done with my card I move it to the slot when I will do it next.

It's a bit more in depth then I'm allowing here (They wrote a whole book after all!) but that is the general gist. What I like about this system as well, is that once Sweeting gets here and someone comes over and asks what they can help with, I can just pull the cards from that day's slot and tell them to pick a card! How beautiful is that?!


For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, my darling beloved husband made me a mix CD (Yes, we still make these for each other! Remember we met in high school!) and there was a song on it that I thought was nice and all but couldn't quite place until he told me it reminded him of when he came home from Belfast...and came looking for me again.
luckily, he found me.
Some day I'll tell you that story, because well, it's one of the great love stories.
and the song? It turned me into a big puddle of weepy goo because then the song made all the sense in the world.


ccap said...

That last part made me smile even WITHOUT all the background story.

wayfarer said...

:-) So sweet about the mix cd's. You guys have a very sweet story from the sounds of it.

Flylady drove me nuts but i definately need a system. This one sounds doable. But the procrastinator in me fights against actually being that organized. Hmmm.

Jenni said...

I'm so sorry you can't breathe! Here's hoping Sweeting makes her appearance sooner rather than later.

And Awwwwww about the cd. That's just too cool.

The Wadhwa Family said...

Oh, I so want to hear the story!! Pretty please!

Sorry to hear about the breathing. Are you just supposed to suffer until sweeting arrives??