Monday, July 21, 2008




Niki said...

Whew, looks like Chowder got a work-out! ;)

Good job, kiddies! Did they all learn on the same day? Love the grass idea! Kenna will have to learn that way!

Jenny said...

The grass is a great way.
Beats washing gravel our of grazes later!

How are you going?

gem said...

That explains the punctuation. I am always conscious that I use too any exclamation marks, I thought you had got addicted to full stops!
We did the grassy hill thing too, only difference was we got J to teach J2 so he got to do all the running!

Jenni said...

Whoa! For a minute there I was afraid Jellybean had passed into another dimension behind that tree!

Grassy slope + hubby doing all the hard work = great plan in my book.

Elizabethw said...

Jellybean's reappearance was HILARIOUS. And, glad to see Sweeting has billing now.... :)


valerie said...

It took me a while to figure out why you had two videos of Jellybean and why you called her two different things, LOL. Did they all get the hang of it? My friend's younger dd also had to learn when her big brother did - I guess Porkchop wasn't willing to wait a year?

Love the new picture of Ladybug. :)

KellyLynn said...

Too cute and great idea!