Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lazy Post

Here's some more pictures from our winter's respite we've had this week. And also the reasons why I want to stay here in this house. This is my neighborhood. I absolutely love it here. Yes, there are problems but nothing beats the people.

This the kids with our neighbor Ainsley. She's 4 and the kids have a great time with her. I know you have seen pictures of her before.

This is the famous Sr. Jeanne pushing Ladybug. On the porch in the background is Ainsley's mom and my other neighbor Carol. She's pregnant after a brief bout with infertility. Luckily they found her issues right away. She will be giving us one of 3 new babies that will be making appearances on our block this year. YAY!

This is Keira, Ainsley's baby sister. Adorable!

And their pug, Presley...

and our old man, Fargo (just turned 12! yikes.)

Jellybean, Ladybug, and The Meatball...

And Chowder, Ladybug and I (taken by Jellybean, who also is responsible for the new pic of us in my sidebar.)

Last night we had thunder storms(!) and a deluge of rain (which probably washed away all the bulbs I planted on the slope by the school entrance!) and today is grey and rainy...sound like a good day for a nap. So, here I go.


Lisa said...

Five kids? and twins? Wow, I'm amazed. Two are getting the better of me! Great pics

Misty said...

lovely photos. I am infinitely jealous! You deserve a nap!

The Wadhwa Family said...

Jellybean is quite a budding photographer! Love the whole set of everyone - so sweet! Enjoy your nap, I desperately need one.. but but .. I'm too restless during the day to sleep!

ccap said...

Hi Cakes. Looked on here for your email address but couldn't find it. So, hope it's okay that I'm using the comment box to ask you a question.

I notice in your links you mention that you love your wrap sling. I really, really want one with my next kid. (I got a snugli given to me for my first kid so I felt I shouldn't buy one as I had something similar - which, incidently I HATED so this time around I don't care, I'm buying one.) Five questions: (1) Is it the EllaRoo that you have? (2) I'm nervous I'm not going to get the tying downpat and will just become frustrated and never use it. Did you get used to the art of it fairly quickly? (3) How old were your kids when you stopped using it? (4) I glanced at the directions of how to tie it, is it seriously just a knot in the back? Does that feel secure enough? (5) Can you sit (all the way to the ground) and get back up again without having to retie it?

Sorry to interview you on this but I don't personally know anyone who uses one regularly. If you don't have time to answer these today, that's fine. #2 isn't due until May. :-)

My email address is: ccaplett@yahoo.ca

Jenni said...

Ready, set....NAP! sounds good to me...

Loverly pics; Jellybean takes great portraits! I adore the one of you and Chowder in your sidebar; you guys always seem to have near-visible hearts and twittering birds sprouting between your heads.

Your neighbors look divine; I can certainly understand why you'd want to stay. It looks to me like you have something rare and wonderful there.