Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's Post is about Poo. Not the bear. You've been Warned.

Let me give you a round up of my evening:

5:30p go to sit down on the toilet to do my business in the downstairs bathroom. (Wiping with Clorox wipe first, of course because I live in house with 4 males and I'm tired of sitting in male urine. As a matter of fact one of my lower points of mothering involved me falling to my knees crying and begging my husband, and my then 10 yr old son who were innocently watching a football game, to please love me. "Why WHHHHYYYYYY don't you love me? I am your mother! your wife! Why don't you love me?! And don't tell me that you do love me, because if you did you wouldn't make your dear wife and sainted mother sit in your urine! Loving me does not involve leaving your pee on the seat to have me sit in it! I'm begging you to please love me and respect me enough to pee in the toilet!") Anyway, I'm sitting down and then I look over at the wall next to me and right in my face is a huge clearly defined hand smear of poo.

6:30p After I finish scrubbing and fumigating the bathroom walls, I take Ladybug upstairs to take a bath. I get the tub ready and go to put down the lid on the toilet so I can sit down. And there on the toilet seat? that's right another smear of poo. and on the floor in front of the toilet? You bet. A big glob of poo.

6:45p I barely have time to take my rubber gloves off when I look at the joyous and endlessly proud look on the face of Ladybug. I coo at her and then look into the tub. What's that floating in the water? bobbing in and out among the boats and bath toys?


KellyLynn said...

Oh you poor thing. But it does give me a moment to brag. Not once in 4 yrs have any of my children pooed in the tub. My boys are compulsive about the toliet seat NEEDED to be up before they pee. I have tried to let them leave it down in PUBLIC bathrooms, but they INSIST it can NOT be down. I am sure my DD will be grateful when she is older.

So did you even find out WHOSE hand did the painting?

Sandy C. said...

What? no pictures?? I know..I'm terrible..I'm so sorry you had to clean up that mess....ugh, I can only imagine the horror!

Mel said...

What is it with your family and poo? Have you ever had one of your kids poo in the bath while you were both in it? I had a runny explosive infant poo when Daniel was tiny. Nasty I tell you!!

Cakes said...

Kellylynn! I bet you don't have any stretch marks either!

Sandy~Alas, no pictures this time. Who knows who would Google on to this site then!

Mel~*sobbing desperately* I DON'T KNOW!! WHY ALL THE POO??!!

JLP from IVFC said...

I'm with Kelly. My kids never poo'ed in the tub either. (*Frantically knocks on wood because my earlier streak of kids not puking for 3 years ended this week!*)

The one on the stair is hysterical though.

Jenni said...

Ew! Eeeeew! But what the heck? Who was the culprit? Did you ID the fingerprints?