Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That's Mrs. Sucker to you, Pal

Don't ask how this happened, but here is Po Po...

ok, go ahead and ask.

Why do we have another kitten?

Well, the lady who fostered Crinkle McSunshine called me today to see if we would take her brother. I said, No. She told me she would pay the adoption fee, because she really thought we would be the perfect family for him. And he and Crinkle were always best buddies. She also gave us her pet carrier. Plus, I had read how having two litter mates was actually easier than just one.

And the topper? They have the same birthday as Meatball and Jellybean.



valerie said...

oh, how sweet! and the same birthday as your twins? It was meant to be. :) It really is nice to have two to be friends. We tried to buy our lonely cat a friend when she was a year old - they barely tolerated each other for 12 years.

P.S. LMAO at you being suckered into it. :-p

Jenni said...

Nothing better than an ALL DAY SUCKERRRRRRRRRR....

Enjoy. I have to say that it is so much more fun watching 2 kitties play than one by itself.

Asha said...

Aww. what a cute kitty! I'm not sure about this whole, two is easier than one thing. You know, my sister was really good about bringing home animals. Dogs, cats, horses..(yes, horses) and leaving them with my parents after she moved out. I don't want to scare you, but only suggest that there might come a time when the foot needs to come down and the cakes/chowder home is closed to creatures of the four-legged kind. Clearly, tho, this is not the time! Welcome, Po Po! You're in for a whole lotta love!

ps. ok, whatever. Where are the scrumptious pics of kiddos in Halloween costumes? It must be 11pm where you live. What's up with the blogging lag! You could've TOTALLY had time to post them. Har. See, this is what you get when your readers drink wine and post comments!

Cakes said...

Drunk readers are my favorite kind!

you need not fear about us. We are at our pet limit. Perhaps a few fish, but that's it.

ok. I'll post our Halloween pics, but they're pretty crappy.

Anonymous said...

Your kittens are way better looking than mine. I am actually not hating mine and even feel a warm and fuzzy feeling akin to affection when I stroke my little kittens every so often.
Mel fellow kitten owner xxx