Thursday, November 01, 2007


Halloween came just like it does every year...out of nowhere.

It was suddenly 3:30p on Halloween afternoon and I realized that I had no candy and forgot to get the boys' superhero masks. Yep. Right on schedule. So, after 4 stops and a McDonald's run, I was home in time to get the kids on the street by 6:30p. That's a respectable time.

Jellybean of course changed her mind about her costume at 6:25p. Ladybug was in bed by 6:45p (she hadn't had an afternoon nap) and Skaterboy was off to his girlfriends house at 7:00p. I couldn't get the children to hold still long enough to get a good picture, so instead I got two crappy pictures.


Jenni said...

"get the kids on the street" just has *such* a disturbing ring to it...

Did you get some good candy? I mean, did THEY get some good candy?