Friday, October 19, 2007

Some updates...

I don't remember seeing a post where you talked about your decision to stop homeschooling? Or were you just homeschooling 'cause you didn't like any of the schools in your area ('til you found the Montessori one)? Or did I just miss that post (sorry, if so)?
  • My friend Valerie asked me this...I know I have promised a good school post. I have been waiting to get some good school pics. I'm about to write an article for a couple of local papers and newsletters, so I'll have pics soon. But to answer this question: Yes, our original intention to homeschool was directly attached to my dissatisfaction with traditional schools, plus our public school system has been taken over by the state and lost accreditation. There are a couple of very creative private schools in our city that are excruciatingly expensive. Our reasons were almost purely academic, though I have concern about some of the social influences that are getting younger and younger. This school fit our bill completely. I promise this week I will tell you all about it.
  • I told you guys about Owen. I wanted to update that he is in complete remission! WooHoo! We continue to pray for complete healing. There is a 75% chance that he will never have to face the cancer again.
  • I posted about online surveys. Well, to update on that...let's just say it was a bust for me. I was accumulating points and stuff, but I'm way to ADD to stick with these complicated systems.
  • Our kitten has the sniffles. We went to pick her up on Friday only to find out that she has a respiratory infection and was sent back to her foster mom's house until she is done with her antibiotics. We will get to pick her up on the 27th.
  • My cousin is officially getting a divorce. Chowder and I tried.
  • I seem to be recovering alright from our loss. Though it has awoken that insatiable longing again. We have no immediate plans except to discuss our feelings in the Spring.
  • As far as our house goes, our lowest bid on the porch is $11,300. I still haven't painted the walls, but Chowder had begun his doctorate.
  • My new OCD meds are doing a lovely job! I can't tell you how freeing it is.
  • Hopefully my retelling of Chowder and my love story will be told.
hmmm... I think that is it. Did I miss something?


valerie said...

Glad to hear about the new meds working, but does that mean you've weaned Ladybug then? I guess that explains the expression on her face in the side bar. ;)

Sorry about your cousin, especially since it affects your friendship. DH and I have been married almost 20 years (!). It takes work, I agree; sorry they couldn't find their way through this.

Cakes said...

No, still nursing Ladybug. Only about 3 times a day. The drug I'm on has only a trace in the milk

20 years! Congratulations! That is so awesome...