Thursday, September 20, 2007


We had Chinese food for lunch today. The kids love their fortune cookies and take their fortunes extremely seriously. This is not a good thing for my OCD 5 yr old. His fortune today read:

You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend.
Worse news couldn't have come to him. He has been in a complete panic.
"But I don't want to do something different this weekend! I like to do the same thing every weekend. Why do I have to do something different?!"

I have no idea what the "same thing" is that he does every weekend, but the mere thought of doing something different has him completely out of his mind!

poor little feller.


Jenni said...

LOL! Well, at least he got a REAL fortune. You know, all I get anymore is something more like vague compliments.

"You are well liked by your peers"

WTF? That is NOT a fortune, bucko! I want "you will stumble upon unexpected wealth" or "a tall dark stranger will bring good news"