Saturday, September 22, 2007

Photo catch up

I finally found my USB cord for my camera. Under the couch in the family room? of course.

So here is the first day of school and then Meatball helping Porkchop...

The front porch. Notice the column laying on the ground. A second contractor told us on Friday that "It couldn't be any worse." hmmmmm. thanks.

We've had a couple of birthdays...Skaterboy is 16! and Ladybug just turned 1. what the hell, folks.

and the squealing squeezes I got from this little one, got me through the week.


MollyD said...

Of course it is under the couch in the family room, isn't that where every lost thing ends up?? Just looking for my mind under there too, but that seems to be really lost now!

Your family is so beautiful/handsome!

KellyLynn said...

Yeah you found it! The pictures are great, too cute. I can't belive ladybug is a yr old already. I was VERY sad when my baby turned 1 in May.