Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shoe fetish...

I couldn't care less about my own feet. I have never had any longings for super expensive ridiculously high heels. I do have a weakness for well crafted boots, but nothing I actually splurge one.

Baby feet are a whole other matter. I can buy baby shoes. I love baby shoes. I love the baby feet that go into the baby shoes. Just look at these adorable feet in these crazy adorable shoes.

I mean for crying out loud people! I cannot be stopped!


Multi-tasking Mom said...

Nor should you be stopped. Those are a thing of beauty. There are worse indulgences. I am bad for focusing all of my attention on co-ordinating the kids outfits and forgetting that I need to dress myself. I often feel like I am reliving my youth by dressing my girls. Really lifelike dolls.

shaz said...

awww, tooo cute! oh, how I wish I had a girl! :(