Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm sorry. I feel like such a rude hostess. Making an inside joke or something. I realize now that I have many new readers (where did you come from? welcome.) but oddly enough I now have fewer comments (what's that all about?). I made reference to my other blog and I received a few email asking about it. That was rude of me, and I apologize.

I only wrote about this other blog once and promised to never link to that blog again, though you can get to it in my profile. Again, I warn you. It is not a pretty place. It is where I try to shed all of my obsessive morbid thoughts. When I hear a news story about children being harmed, I just kind of freak out. Not, just a little. But, carry it around with me for days. weeks. months. So, if you are sensitive to child death and abuse, don't go over there.