Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's not the's the hair

I now realize that the vast majority of annoying comments come from generally very sweet, well intentioned people commenting on the color of the children's hair. My favorite encounter was at a nearby playground.

Man: Wow. You have quite a lot of blondies there.
Me: Yep. We sure do!
Man: I don't think I've ever seen such blonde hair.
Me: (laugh politely)
Man: No really, I've never seen hair that blonde. And I'm from Sweden.

Ok. wow. that is blonde. Hair so blonde on The Meatball and Porkchop that it's practically translucent. When Porkchop gets his hair wet, he just looks bald. Jellybean has a touch of red to her blonde and Ladybug seems to be heading that way as well. we'll see.

Today we were walking back from the pool to Chowder's parent's cottage at this "country club," when someone made a blonde comment. Jellybean gave an exasperated mumble under her breath, "Yes! We have blonde hair!" I smiled at her and explained it was a compliment and that it was pretty cool that they have this special similarity that ties them together. It helped for now, but we'll have to see in the future. This doesn't help when several of the African American youth in our church have to constantly be touching their hair. It's gotten better for them, but the touches still come no matter how covertly.

My biggest problem is that I don't have blonde hair. I'm a total outcast when I'm with the kids. I'm constantly asked where they got the blonde hair from. I'm always thinking, well let's go back to high school biology class. I don't have blonde hair so chances are their father does.

But, this summer I've decided to dye my hair blonde. That's right. When I go in for my next haircut and color, I will no longer be the freak of the family like this. ...not much I can do about the brown eyes.


Jennifer (JLP from IVFC) said...

Okay, de-lurking because I have to comment on this one! Caroline has very curly hair (like me). I can't tell you how many times a stranger has asked me, while looking directly at me with my curly hair, "Where does she get the curls?"

The best though, which I have been asked several times: "Is it natural?" Um... of course not, we just got back from the salon where we got mother/daughter perms!

Love those pictures cakes. Sorry I've never commented before. I figure you see enough of me over at IVFC!


Cakes said...

people are so weird. LMBO at the mother/daughter perms comment!

and I can't get enough of you.

shaz said...

really blond hair always reminds me of children of the corn. lol. (i never saw it, I just know it has something to do with blond haired kids)

actually, I don't really notice stuff like that, I would have been more like "dude! she has 5 children! 5! oh. my. god. 5!" :)

valerie said...

that's a great shot of you with the kids - I love the colour of your hair. I dyed mine that colour a few years ago, being tired of blond (though not white-blond). My kids are similar to yours, including an almost-bald baby (so blond it's translucent). My sister took her two to Hawaii where they also got far more attention than she wanted due to the white-blondness.

My daughter's best friends are Chinese and for the longest time she kept telling me she wanted straight, black hair (she started with many curls, though it's just waves now).

Cakes said...

Shaz!! Do I need more nightmares?! LOL! I never saw the movie either.

Valerie~That's funny because my daughter wants braids. and lots of them!

lesleysmeshly said...

o0o. I can't wait to see you with blonde hair. Rawwwr!
As always, your kids are adorable!!!

BTW, I forgot to tell you that you were in my dream. Weird, I know. Not you specifically, but your laundry room (the before and after pictures). I think all of that laundry brought back memories of my childhood (6 kids) and the chore of folding all of the laundry. Maybe I should say I had a nightmare of your laundry room rather than a dream. =)

Jenni said...

I had my hair dyed blonde, like, blondy-blonde, like when I was a little kid blonde, just about a week ago. I wasn't sure at first, but I'm thinking I LOVE it now. Can't wait to see how yours looks!

Melanie said...

One of my best friends in high school had naturally white blonde hair with natural spiral curly ringlets. Her siblings had white blonde hair, too. Now that I think of it, her dad had white blonde hair, but her mom's hair was brown like yours.

What a great picture of you and your kiddos. Your DS on the left looks like you!