Monday, November 16, 2009


We have a family song that we sing to the babies. It's basically their name followed by La La La's. It's been sung to every baby and it makes them all stop crying. The kids have loved having this simple song to sing to the babies when they are crying, and usually sing it it the car when there is nothing else to be done. It works every time. Here is Sweeting learning the song...

I love her tongue action! sorry about the quality. cell phone footage.


Jenny said...

She has grown so much.
I love how your kids all have such blonde hair.

ccap said...

Goodness. Adorable.

Anonymous said...'re back! Just got all caught up on you and your's. So glad everyone is well. Yeah & offfhh... on #7, praying things go well & fertilly (yep, I made it up). Sorry to hear things imploded on IVFC, I don't go there much anymore, things got so weird & testy.
It's a breath of fresh air to read your blogging again!! Made my day to see you back.


Cakes said...

aww....thanks Jenny. It's good to have this outlet again.