Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nail Biting

Chowder is headed for the final phases of the interview process on Monday. Basically, he has been offered the position but we still have to negotiate the package and since this is an associate position, he and the head pastor have to see how they will work together. The head pastor seems very cool but we have not worked under another pastor before. All communications with Chowder have given the impression that he has great respect for Chowder and the work he has done, and frankly, Chowder has never liked all the administrative bologna that goes along with being a solo pastor. In this position he gets to focus on what he loves.

But, I have never had to be "under" another pastor's wife before, either. I'm not the most conventional of pastor's wives and that has never been a problem, but I admit I am a little intimidated by this PhD slinging, national education policy writing, successful parent of two daughters. I fear two different scenarios.

  1. I bust in as Princess Fergie to her Queen Elizabeth
  2. She is of that generation of working women who really look down on the new generation of homemakers.
Chowder has told me I'm being ridiculous, but he has never been a woman under the perfectly manicured fingernail of another woman. I sure hope this nagging worry is nothing.

Pray 'em if you got 'em.


Bridgett said...

Eh, there's always a wrinkle, isn't there?