Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GAAAAHHH! I bought an American Girl Doll!

*pant pant*
I can't believe I just spent that kind of money on a doll! But, I know the quality is worth it. Jellybean wanted one of those My Twinn dolls that are like $175! All she asked Santa for was a doll, but there was no way I was doing that. I checked out the Target versions, but all the reviews I read said the hair was awful and the arms snap off. I'm so tired of everything being made to be disposable!

So, I bit the bullet and bought the American Girl Just Like You doll. It was $90 but I figure she has two little sisters that also have straight blonde hair and blue eyes so they can always play with it if she loses interest. The worst part was I had to pay for rush delivery. They can't guarantee delivery on standard shipping anymore. That was $32! But, I had a code for $10 off.

I figured it was worth paying the money for the quality doll and I can always get the accessories at Target. So, Santa is done with her! My kids get one big gift from Santa, one from us, and one from their Secret Santa Sibling. Then we have a Santa bag that we fill with gifts for the whole family. Board games and whatnot. We don't keep track of money at this point. Some years we spend more on one than another and it all works out in the end.


Melanie said...

Breathe, Kate! Breathe! I know those dolls are so $$$$, but I'm sure she'll absolutely love it!

Bridgett said...

My niece has them; I made clothes for hers lat year for Christmas. It's probably funny to offer this, but if you would like the pattern I used, you are welcome to it.

gem said...

If you know she will play with it, it's well worth the $$. She is young and if she is anything like my younger daughter she will still be playing with this for years, and then her sisters will. Great investment.
P.S. Great to see you back posting regularly and thanks a million for dropping by again!!