Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas wrap-up

Howdy kids!
How was everyone's Christmas?

The Cakes family had a very nice Christmas. Honestly. It all went swimmingly. There were no gift disasters. No meltdowns. No laughing during the Gospel reading. (He handed off the more delicate passage to a more mature individual.) Not really any drama at all. *sigh* It was really quite nice. Doesn't leave much to blog about. And I spent too much time actually being there Christmas morning so I didn't take any pictures. I do have some awesome video of Meatball and his big Santa gift, a real electric guitar. Skaterboy will be giving him lessons which will be great because Jellybean wants to take piano lessons. Porkchop is already begging for drums for next Christmas. All I can envision when I think of that is


gem said...

Sounds a bit like our Christmas, minus the electric guitar thank God!! I have enough difficulty with violin practice in our house, and that includes E's and he is semi professional!
It was calm (for us) and drama free on this side of the Atlantic too. Enjoy the break.

Bridgett said...

We had a nice one too, minus Maeve's current ear infection--but that was post Christmas, technically. Mike took the week off; he's making pancakes downstairs....

Jenni said...

Oh who can resist Animal? Perfect.

Glad you had a giggle-free Gospel reading, and a nice Christmas. On with 2009!