Monday, August 18, 2008



valerie said...

I'm not surprised she didn't go anywhere - ds is 2.5 and just learned (finally) to jump last week. Can Ladybug jump already? That would be impressive.

What a fun idea, though - now dd wants to try it. :)

LOL at Humphrey just sitting there - I thought he'd be in the middle of it all.

JLP said...

LOL!! Like Valerie, I was going to be really impressed if Ladybug took off. Jack just figured out how to get both feet off the ground, too. But definitely not ready for sack races.

So cute. Especially Porkchop trying to get all situated.

Niki said...

SO cute! What fun at your house on Monday! :)

And Ladybug is especially adorable standing there waiting for her bag to take off!