Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another lame post...

Tomorrow morning I have to go be the smiling, welcoming face of my kids' school for new parent/student orientation. The threesome will also be welcoming the new kids into the classrooms and helping them feel at home.

Problem is, I'm feeling more like being the whining, lazy face that I really am. Did I mention this is during my usual naptime? You know how I am about my nap. Chowder summed it up best when he said to me, completely serious, "Why didn't they ask someone who was actually, you know, friendly?"

I'm really really good faker. (Don't tell Chowder)


So, I talked to Chowder last night about the appointment...
He gave me one of those, "You goofy lady" laugh/hugs and said, "Let's get this baby here first before we start worrying about your seventh child. I told you we should wait until after the baby is born." He doesn't want me to feel pressured by anything and then end up regretting my decision. That doesn't mean the decision will change, but that I'll feel more confident in it.

So, looks like we will be postponing his appointment.
God, I love him.


shaz said...


hey, when are you due?

Molly & the boys said...

hey Kate - am so glad for you. I got the same advice. had thought of tying my tubes when I had my c-section for Andrew (#4). We were counseled to wait a year after he was born by a sweet christian friend (also a pastor's wife). I am so glad I listened to her. The drama of pregnancy hormones is not the time to make these decisions. Once Andrew was dx as having Down Syndrome, I was equally glad that I had not done it them. I would have felt strange - like I had cut off my chances or something - I don't know if I can even explain it. But, good for Chowder and good for you. I've been checking in on you with your blog! Glad to have found you through Mel's blog!
love, Molly