Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Meanest Thing...

Today while trying to get through another cold, dreary, rainy day, The Meatball was asking me to spell a couple of words for him while he wrote them out on his Magnadoodle. I apparently wasn't spelling them at the right speed because he became very frustrated and started yelling at me. So, I told him I was done and would write the words on a piece of paper for him to copy at his own pace. (sounds reasonable, right?) Well this pissed him straight off and he decided to take out his revenge using his Magnadoodle.

First was the classic word MOM with an X through it.

Then came the scoreboard- MOM:0 The Meatball: 1,000.

And then he just went too far. He drew a picture of me inside a bubble with snow falling all around me. He told me that I was in Winter and I would always BE in Winter and I would never be in Summer or sunshine. EVER!

of course I broke down crying like any rational, non-hormonal human being.


Alex said...

Noo! That's terrible! I would have cried too. Summer will come, just hold on a little longer.

(feeling so sad for you I decided it was time to delurk)

JLP said...

Hahah! That is priceless. He really knows where to hit you so it hurts.