Sunday, March 09, 2008

to be clear...

Too much graphic information to follow.

I'm sorry I have been so vague, I'm getting emails from friends asking, "So...are you miscarrying or just worried that you will?" I started spotting almost 2 weeks ago, the bleeding has gotten heavy in the last few days and I'm starting to pass clots. So, it shouldn't be long now.

I finally told My Chicks on Friday night after we went to see the Other Boleyn Girl. Which, by the way was very disappointing. I was able to put my nerdy need for historical facts aside while reading the book because it was historical fiction after all, and the story was so well written. It was the perfect beach read last summer. But the movie tried to cover too much ground and too many relationships. And what was fat and fascinating in the book was flat and lifeless on the screen. Why can't we make epic movies anymore? What's wrong with Dr. Zhivago with an intermission? Why do we have to have the confines of 2 hours to tell the story?


JLP said...

So sorry, cakes. I admit I was hoping you were wrong (although I know after so many losses, you know your body best of all).

And sorry I was one of the ones asking that nagging question.

Cakes said...

oh no no no! Don't be sorry. You aren't the only one. And I was trying not to be too graphic.