Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Q&A about wrap slings

I have been neglecting my friend Cynthia who asked me about my wrap sling several months ago. Baby Jack will be here in 8 more weeks and he is doing great! (If you haven't been praying for Baby Jack, why on earth not? Get praying!)
So here is my Q&A with Cynthia...

(1) Is it the EllaRoo that you have?
yes. I have the 4.6m one. You can sometimes get a great deal on them on ebay. I live in the very hot and humid midwest. I like the Ellaroo because it is a lighter weight weave than some of the other woven wraps.

(2) I'm nervous I'm not going to get the tying down pat and will just become frustrated and never use it. Did you get used to the art of it fairly quickly?
No, I spent a lot of time practicing with dolls and stuffed animals! LOL! Honestly for me, the easiest most versatile way to tie the wrap is by following the Moby wrap instructions. I did not like the Moby wrap because it was too stretchy and I had to retie fairly often because it would stretch out too much. But the ease of pre-tying made using it extremely convenient. It will take more trial and error pre-tying because you'll need to get the feel for how much slack to have. It may be easier to get started with the hold and tie carries that come with the wrap.

My favorite newborn carry was the
Newborn Cross Carry. It is very snuggly and secure. The baby will not swing away from your body like in a typical pouch or ring sling so I could do laundry and play with the kids. And because it uses both shoulders I could carry a bigger baby for longer.

(3) How old were your kids when you stopped using it?
Ladybug is 18months and I still carry her in the wrap or Mei Tai carrier. We have not owned a stroller other than our huge twin monstrosity. I find it much more convenient to get around with them in a carrier.

(4) I glanced at the directions of how to tie it, is it seriously just a knot in the back? Does that feel secure enough?
It is seriously just a knot. You'll want to change where you tie the knot. I usually adjust the fabric so I can tie it on my hip. That way it isn't poking into my back when I sit down, or pushing on the baby's butt. It really is secure.

(5) Can you sit (all the way to the ground) and get back up again without having to retie it?
It depends on the size of the baby and the way you are carrying him. While your baby is smaller and if you are using the Newborn Cross carry or the Cradle Hold then yes, you can sit comfortably and get back up no problem.

Again, I prefer the woven carriers, they really stay more secure. Also, in the Moby Wrap Cradle Hold directions above, my back hurts just looking at that picture. I carry my babies much higher than that. Even in my pouch sling, I ordered it a little snug because I like to carry the baby high. Now, word of warning. Try to switch which side you carry him in the first couple of months. The constant pressure on your very full breasts can lead to mastitis.

Did I cover it all?


ccap said...

Well, dearie me, thanks for going to so much work for little ole me. I'm going to order mine tomorrow. :-) I'm not sure how much practice I'll get with a big ole belly in front of me but at least having the wrap at home will help me to dream more.

Niki said...

Great post, Cakes! Love that you are a babywearing momma! (And cool that this is how we met too!)

ccap said...

I bought mine yesterday. Yipes! Now here's hoping that (a) Jack likes it and (b) I can figure out how to use it without dropping him on his head.

IsraeliMom said...

Just to add my own thumbs up for the baby sling. We almost never used a stroller with our boys either - baby slings are just so much more convenient. I think it's much better for the baby, being close to the parent at all times, and it frees up your hands for everything you need to do. Great post!