Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 week wait? I LOVE 2 week waits!!

My appointment in March 14th at 9:30a. If we make it that far, I'll be 10 weeks. That seems so far away.

Especially since I have no symptoms left at all. By 8 weeks I should be like Chowder's college sweetheart, unable to lift my cheek from the cool porcelain of the toilet seat. Instead, while I was green for a couple of weeks, I was never actually sick. And I spent two weeks looking 4 months pregnant from bloat unable to release any of this gas no matter how many yoga maneuvers I performed. Now, last night Chowder teased me because through the whole first half of Dr. Zhivago as I farted over and over. Today, my usual self.

I'm still exhausted. But, this is probably from waking every 20 minutes through the night. Or it could be from spending 2-3 hours in the middle of the night wondering how I would care for my children if they were starving and freezing to death in the Urals.

The two symptoms I do still have...I can't park the van and I can't drink enough chocolate milk.


gem said...

It must be so stressful, I can only imagine. I had an ectopic nad found the pregnanacy after that very difficult until it was conformed to be ongoing, and I had serial betas until my scan which helped to reassure. so I cannot imagine how much more stressful it is for you. Hang in there.

Tania said...

Hang in there, that is all you can do, it is in gods hands!!

Good Luck!!

Mel said...

You are probably so tired from all that farting.

Jenni said...

If you had ever told me I would get to a pregnancy that did NOT have me puking like a frat boy every day, I would have said "then that will be a doomed pregnancy".

But it happened, this time around. I'm praying it's so for you too!

I know it's not really funny, but your Urals comment made me laugh. Forget the "to waste" part...a mind is just a terrible thing, period, sometimes!

JLP said...

Is it possible that the 2ww is worse for those of us on the outside looking in?!?! (I know, no. But I'm dying over here!)

May the next 2 weeks fly by. For both of us!

Sandy C. said...

Oh geez, I hope the 2 weeks go by quickly.....:(

Elizabethw said...

Can we all call to get you an appointment sooner? ARGGGG. Don't let the lack of sickness fool you -I know lots of people who were sick as dogs with one pregnancy, not at all with the next. Anyway, maybe this child is just angling early to be your favorite :)


julie said...

Well, glad your farting. I'm sure you feel much better.

Praying for the little one you are carrying. I know it must be so hard to wait.


Marlee said...

Still sending up prayers for you!!

shaz said...

Mel made me laugh out LOUD!

Cakes, I hope you feel better, and I pray for u and the little ones! And I guess Chowder too! :)

Jenny said...

The chocalate milk is a good sign.

Mirz said...

It's funny, my mother lived on chocolate milk through her pregnancy with me. Literally, the only thing she could keep down. I'm glad you're craving it and not having the same "upchuck" problems she had.

Hopeing the 2WW goes quick.