Saturday, November 03, 2007

You have got to be kidding!

Honestly people. If you know anything about cats, you have got to help me out. So far, our kittens are doing wonderfully. Other than the fact that I have to constantly supervise the children to be sure that they don't love them to hard, it has been a pretty stress-free transition. Until now.

I'm a bit freaky about the whole litterbox thing, so I have been cleaning the thing out several times a day. I can't tell you how disturbed I was to walk into their safe room this morning to find that they had decided to roll their poo around the room! What the hell?! They have plenty of toys. They had a nice clean litter box that they poo'ed in and then rolled it out and all around the room!!

Please, tell me this is a one off thing! I had to bather Crinkle this morning because she smelled so bad! Argh! Any advice?


Jenni said...

Um? You have a dog, right? Are you sure he wasn't the culprit? The only time we find poo on the floor outside the litter box is when the dogs have been indulging their little disgusting habit.

I know you said crinkle stunk, but our cat also often stinks right after he's been in the litterbox to do his business, even though he hasn't rolled in it.

WTH? is right!

Cakes said...

No, their litter box is the "safe room" where they go when they can't be supervised. The dog is not allowed in the room. It happened overnight, right after I had cleaned out the freakin' box!

Cakes said...

And their little litter wrapped turds were all over the room. Like they had been batting them around!

Ann said...

Does your litter box have a cover on it? And only have 2 inches of litter in it? It at least limits the number of ways they can bat it out :) Better than what our cat likes to do--pee over the edge--ew, ew EW!!!

Jenni said...

Oh dear, that's really gross. I hope they outgrow that habit reeeeally soon!

valerie said...

do they have lots of other toys to play with? Foil balls, catnip-stuffed mice?