Friday, October 05, 2007

I've been trying to write a post all week...

It's a sweet, funny, darling post on the occasion of Chowder and my 20th anniversary of meeting. But, wouldn't you know that as I was writing it, Chowder and I got into a huge fight about our own interpretation of our beloved story. A fight that took up the vast majority of our appointment with our pastoral counselor. A fight that has led our pastoral counselor to call a special appointment on Tuesday morning (even though I assured him we could pave right over this issue no problem!)

What is so funny about this, is we are fighting about our high school selves and regressing completely into those selves. The story is so special to both of us. The history that it covers. The obstacles that are overcome. The depth of the love. The hand of God. It is the perfect Love Story. So, why does it hold such emotional charge for us. Why can I not get past the insecurity I felt during our high school relationship? What will it take?


KellyLynn said...

Well, maybe it means we never REALLY grow up, wouldn't that be nice. My dh and i went out to eat yesterday kid free ( wow what a treat) and he was like, this is where we went on our 1st date. I was like Umm NO it wasn't. Then he remembered where we went, but it was funny how he had forgotten, we were at the place of our 2nd date! hah.

Anonymous said...

Don't you see.... it's the pathetic devil who knows where and what to undermine. He hates marriage. Arsehole fool! Congrats on your milestone and your precious marriage.
Happy Clappy Mel