Saturday, August 04, 2007

I don't take my responses to these questions lightly, so I'll need a little time...

Someone posted this comment on my science nerd post and I wanted to address it.

At your convenience, could you explain how a woman who believes in God and his Word does not believe that He created mankind?

Now first, I hope that whoever posted this question isn't someone who knows me, because it makes me sad that you wouldn't feel comfortable discussing my faith with me. I love open, frank discussions about beliefs. love. them. I am not insulted by them (unless you are insulting) or offended (unless you are offensive) when people question my beliefs.

Secondly, as I started rolling the answer around in my head it was like a snowball in an avalanche. It just kept getting bigger and bigger and bringing in more and more material. So, I am going to blog about this in a series of posts. I hope that's ok and you aren't crazy bored by the end of the first one.

Third, I am not a theologian. I did not go to seminary. I do love to read theology (nerd alert!) and religious thought from many different sources and religions. I will be blogging to the best of my ability, but it will be theological compost by the time I'm done.

Fourth, if you have been reading me for a little while, you will know that one of the things I hate most is anybody trying to put me in a box. (or put God in box, for that matter!) Please, assume nothing about me. Do not call me a conservative or a liberal Christian. I am neither and I'm both. If you must refer to me as anything in your head, you can simply use devout and unworthy. If you try to force me into a box I will kick and bite and pull hair until I'm free. Consider yourself warned.


Annie said...

I'm the anonymous - didn't leave my name before since you don't know me. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and really enjoy your perspective on life.
I've known a few scientists who were Chrisitans and creationists... but I've never met someone who is both a believer and an evolutionist.

Despite my comment, I am an open-minded person and really look forward to hearing your point of view.

Michele said...

I think it's refreshing to see a Christian who is willing to look at other options hen it comes to creationism and evolution.

One of the biggest things that turned me off from Christianity when I was entering my teens was this blind faith and being punished for asking questions. Part of me just assumed that all Christians believed the Bible 100% and never thought that there were other real possibilities out there.

People hold their faith very closely and I thank you for letting us have a peek into how you feel about your religion.

I've been reading for a week or so - having found you from Julia's blog I believe. I've been reading ever since. :)