Thursday, July 05, 2007

Taking a trip with the Cakes family...

In the near future we will be going to a family reunion at the beach. Since we live in the midwest, any and every beach is a far, far haul. Our trip is 17 hours. minimum. I have been making this drive since I was 13 years old. We do it every summer. I love it. I love my cousins and I love getting to meet my cousins' kids and see my aunts and uncles etc. It is a blast.

So, how does one prepare for a 17 hour (minimum) car trip with 5 kids? Well, actually 4 because Skaterboy didn't want my mom to drive by herself (she refused to ride with us. imagine?). So a 17 hour car trip with 4 kids, ages 4 and under? I have no idea. But, here's what I have going on right now. I'll post next about how we outfit the car for long drives.

Cakes' To Do List:

  1. Steering recall on the van. (have it checked out)
  2. Dog groomed
  3. Netflix 3 movies for kids
  4. Go to $1 store for occasional diversions
  5. Sunscreen (and lots of it)
  6. Arrange book swap with sister (her daughter is almost 4 and making the same drive)
  7. Make sure we have all the cords for dvd players
  8. Bake and freeze choc chip cookies and peanut butter cookies for drive
  9. Bake and freeze granola bars for drive
  10. Find and clean potty chair for car emergencies
  11. Make list of groceries to buy ahead of time. (cereal etc.)
  12. Pick up Chowder's prescriptions (call in his anti-depressants)
  13. Print out cut and paste activity sheets from internet
  14. Download new stories from Storynory
  15. Get a key to Sr. Jeanne for walking Fargo
  16. Put together "mixes" for cookies, granola bars, and brownies to take with us
  17. Buy a couple packages of disposable diapers
  18. Look up beach crafts on internet
  19. Put together activity bags for the kids
  20. Batteries Batteries Batteries
This list is of course being added to hourly. It doesn't matter. However I plan and think I have thought of it all, I have forgotten several very important things. The best Cakes tip for roadtrips: Go with the flow. You'll get there when you get there.


Jenni said...

Woohoo!! Whoever said "getting there is half the fun" did NOT have toddlers and infants. Sheesh.

I know you'll have a great time once you're there, though! Be safe!!