Sunday, June 17, 2007

For Chowder...In honor of Father's Day and Our Anniversary

I just found this tucked into my bible. It is dated October 16, 1998.

hey i thought i might tell you a story

one beautiful sunny and breezy october day
two young lovers went for a walk in shaw's gardens.
they raced through the maze and
splashed in the jumping waters
they lay down and talked to the koi on the
then they finally found a nice cozy spot
in the japanese garden
and sat down on a rock
away from the people
next to the temple sculpture
and he asked

how long have i known you
and she said
for eleven years i have been your best friend

and he said
we've done alright

yes, she said
we've done good

well then i want to know if you'll
and he pulled a small box from his pocket
and put the beautiful old ring
on her
old tired finger

and she cried
and she said



shaz said...

omg, is that you? you guys look awesome! and soooo in love!

Melanie said...

SO sweet!

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Cakes said...

That's us.
so young... We do look better than the prom pictures though, hey?

Thanks, Melanie!

Jenni said...

Oh that is SO lovely! And I must ask...who wrote it? You? Or your hubby? Or someone else entirely?

You guys are stinkin' gorgeous.

Cakes said...

I wrote it as a note to my friend to tell her I was engaged.

Can you really tell how bad we smell just from that picture. *sigh* I was afraid of that.