Friday, February 23, 2007

I took Behemoth in to get washed today. As I was waiting for the poor guys to finish vacuuming and washing the windows, a man standing next to me waiting for HIS car to get finished said,
"Um. Ma'am, Your car is done."
"Your car. Isn't that your car?" and he pointed to this cute little sporty coupe.
Stifling back a laugh (and some tears) I said, "No. THAT is mine." and pointed at Behemoth.
very surprised "Oh! I just assumed that one was yours."

I almost asked him if he wanted to steal it with me and we could run away...but the patch of hair peeking out from under the back of his collar woke me from my moment of insanity.

me. in a sporty coupe. *swoon*


Melanie said...

LOL Your behemoth looks alot like our main means of transport, but ours is blue. Right now our "sports car" is an '88 silver (and rust) minivan. I'm sure when the days come that we could actually get by with an actual car again (much less a SPORTS CAR) we will be wishing for the days when we needed the behemoth. :)

Cakes said...

Yours is Blue?!?! WAHHHH! I want a blue one! I hate the generic hotel transport white one!

shaz said...

loooooooooool!! cute story. you know I really wanted one of those vans.. seriously, with only 3 kids... my husband thinks I am NUTS and does not entertain the thought of getting one.. I think it's so practical!