Friday, January 26, 2007

Where have I Been...

Well...let me catch you up.

We have spent alot of time nursing poor Beaner in what seems to be her final time with us. She is a mess at 13 years old, but the dearest family dog you could imagine. The twins were taking her for a walk when they were 2 yrs old. She is that gentle and understanding of the kids. Beaner was one of those dogs who didn't just put up with kids the way my dogs did when I was growing up, but actually sought them out to play with them. When Skaterboy was in his knight phase, she would bring him his plastic sword and she would be the dragon and he would "slay" her. When he was Batman, she was his nemesis. When he was playing soccer she was awesome defense and a great goalie.

But I have to carry her everywhere now and her skin is a mess, full of sores. I had to shave big patches of her to be able to heal the sores. She's not eating much. But, she's still there. You know? When we walk in the room, she gets excited and wags her tail and wants you to come. When the kids are chasing each other around the house, she wants to get in on it. She hasn't given up, yet. so neither have we.


Dearie has found out about my blog. It was never a big secret, just not something I shared with him. Until I let it slip a few days ago. Now, he has all kinds of lovely ideas for me. Like he wants his name to be changed to "Chowder." I have promised him this concession if offers no more advice.


Meatball has taught himself to write. I tried using thouse silly workbooks where you trace the letters and repeat them over and over and over. He hated those. So, I quit. Now, he is one with his Doodle. It goes everywhere with him. He has taught himself to write using dvd cases. Not quite what you'd call academic, but it worked. and his penmanship puts Dearie, I mean, Chowder, to shame.