Sunday, January 14, 2007

About Resolutions...

I know, I know. Alot of people are opposed to them. "We never keep them, the repeated failure, etc. etc."

Well, I like them. I make them every year and every year they are in the same three categories. Financial, Spiritual, and Family.

They are the same categories every year because I have to break them down. I can't resolve to completely transform one area of my life. That is just too big a bite to chew. So, every year I break down one step. I never fully fulfill the resolution, but definite steps are made in that direction. Eventhough I fall short of complete success, I have little successes and I'm better than I was the year before. Our financial set-up is still a mess, but last year I resolved to plan for security in the future. Along that line, I got our life insurance policies up-to-date and upped our retirement contributions. Marked improvements.

I still don't pray and read the bible daily, but I pray and read the bible more than I did the year before. And I added several studies that I completed last year and read one spiritual book a month. Not complete success. but better than the year before.

I'm no June Cleaver, but I did work on being less controlling and allowing my children to be more themselves, speak more for themselves instead of me always opening my mouth for them. I involve them more in the daily work of the family. Not perfectly, but they feel more like the vital parts of the household that they are. They have really grown over the last year.

So this year's resolutions fall into this pattern. I will blog more about them individually as I figure out the meat and bones of them.

2007 Resolutions
Close the Leaks So We Can Give Away More Money
Gain Trust in God and Grow in Faith
Better Provide For the Bodily Well-being of My Family


Jeanne said...

You have the most beautiful and amazing blog I've ever read, and I've read hundreds! Can't think where to begin in telling you how much your story resonates, and means to me. I'm in one sense WORLDS apart from you in my current situation, and in another sense there are numerous correlations. I just love the way you write too. You have THE most beautiful heart, and yours touched mine.

Thank you.

Cakes said...

wow. thanks.

shaz said...

I love your concept with the resolution... it totally makes sense to me. best wishes with it! I think I can adopt your resolutions as well.. :)