Wednesday, January 17, 2007

About Resolutions pt 2...

I'll start with easiest one.
To better provide for the bodily well-being of my family

This will namely fall into the nutritional category. Dearie has put on quite alot of weight this last year and his cholesterol has gotten dangerously high for a man his age. While I can't get him out of bed to get to the Y so he can exercise, or stop him from going to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch, I can provide leaner and healthier foods at home. I have to admit regrettably, that I do get a bit resentful about it sometimes. I'm very much a "moderation person." I can have a pint of Bailey's ice cream in the freezer (my absolute favorite!) and only eat a small serving for a few nights. I hate that I'm supposed to not bring this food into the house because Dearie can't control himself or because he can't get to the Y to balance things out. Why should the rest of the family have to sacrifice? I want my children to learn moderation as well.

ok. But that was the 2006 Cakes. I swear. I'm a new girl. Well, sort of. working on it.

Main objective: I want to do a better job of meal planning /grocery shopping/preparation

This also fits into the financial category because our grocery bill has gone through the roof! We buy very few prepared foods but lots of meat, dairy and lots and lots of fresh produce. (I am proud tht my kids raid the fruits and veggies drawer before the cookie jar.) The price of all three of these things has gone up quite a bit in the last year. In an average week, we go through about 8 gallons of milk, 2-3lb bags of apples, a crate of clementines, 2lbs of bananas, 1lb of pears, a quart of strawberries, 2 to 3 lbs of grapes, 1 lb of carrots, add in the last week a bunch of celery and two small watermelons. (That doesn't include veggies cooked for lunch or dinner.) about 3lbs of cheese (at least! my kids love cheese) and 3lbs of lunch meat (depending on the week. Some weeks it's gone in a couple of days, some it lasts all week and I throw some out.) To help with the financial side of the grocery shopping I have tapped into the Angel Food Minstries as a resource. This is an excellent organization that is not a "charity" plan for poor people (though it benefits them, of course) it is more of a giant food co-op. I don't buy every month, because some months their menu doesn't suit our tastes. But for February I have ordered 2 units and a special. (yes, I know alot of it is not low in cholesterol. I use most of it for the kids' lunches.) and I am exploring CSA's in my area for next year's produce.

Also effecting the financial side, is the fact that lately I don't have a clear plan of meal options, so I don't have meat thawed or ingredients on hand. This leads, of course, to more take out than our allowed once a week. So, key for me, is I need to stop grocery shopping blind and go in with a definite plan. (I saw this on Shaz's website today and will be adding it to my menu for next week. looks yummy.) Make sure I have enough potatoes and frozen veggies on hand to be able to pull something off. I know I won't be able to work with an official menu. Our family due to its size and chaos, needs flexibility built into the plan. This means I need to make sure I have options on hand.

Secondary Objective: Schedule and "Enforce" all doctor/dentist/orthodontist/chiropractor appointments
Well, that's pretty self-explanatory. Need to follow-through with it. oh, and not be such a big chicken myself and get to the dermatologist regularly to have skin cancers removed and moles biopsied. (My family has strong history of skin cancer)

Secondary Objective: Provide plenty of activites that include exercise and fresh air.
This one is generally not a challenge since my kids are constantly clamouring to be outside and go on hikes, ride bikes etc. But, I need to go when asked and not come up with lame excuses, as I do sometimes, because I don't feel like going.

hmmm...looks like a lot bigger bite than I thought, at first. But I will push ahead anyway. Any progress has to be good progress.