Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on the Moving...

As some of you may remember, we were in discussions with a church in a rural area that had some really appealing things attracting us. Namely, the thought of 10 acres for the kids to go nuts on. After continuing those discussions we came to the mutual decision that it just wasn't a good match for us. There were several issues that were holding both parties back. They have since called another pastor and I pray that they work well together.

Since then, we have entered into new discussions with another church. This one is in an urban area very similar to the one we live and love in. There are a couple of concerns, such as schooling, but I have been told that the church has an endowment to pay for the schooling of the pastor's children. I don't know if they had 5 children in mind, but that certainly will be apart of the negotiations if it gets that far...and we are praying that it does. And, I ask that you do the same.

The thing about this church is that it is alive. Even though Chowder and I have made the conscious decision to serve in under-served areas (we've done both rural and urban), this type of ministry can drain the very life of you. Especially, when there is no community to fill you back up again. When Chowder was called to the congregation we are currently serving, it was to be a short term call. He was to help this church discern whether it was time to close or merge, or whether they wanted to dig in and make an attempt at a new life. They really chose neither. The head of our region has actually encouraged Chowder to look elsewhere because he is wasting away at this church. Wasting his substantial, God-given gifts.

Skaterboy grew up with no church community. No youth group. Often the only child in a congregation. He's 18 and we can't drag him to church. It offers nothing for him. And frankly, it offers nothing for the rest of us. It only demands of us. And we are tired. I can't tell you the number of times we have tried to start a bible study only to be sitting alone. The kids have no community. The sad truth is that we need some time in a congregation that just loves all over us.

This other church has that. It has 1800 members. It has a head pastor. Chowder would be the Family Minister. It believes in faith in action. This church is doing ministry. It is serving. It is getting its hands dirty. I get giddy just at that the thought of having my family surrounded by that. upheld in that. We've been lonely for too long.

Things seem to look good. They feel good. The head pastor has expressed nothing but enthusiasm for Chowder's candidacy. So, please keep us and that in your prayers as the conversation goes on.

I mean....what's not to love?!


cat said...

Hi girl, I have missed you and I am so glad you are back. I clicked on the old link, just by chance today, so maybe I can offer a prayer that you make a great move. It is tough being in a church where you feel all "wrong" - it must be worse if you are the pastor's family.

Katherine said...

I hope that the possible new call works out for you! My husband is also a pastor and is in conversation with a bigger, vibrant congregation (we're now in a congregation similar to your current one). I hope that it works out because I think it would be so good for him and for our family.

Mamabear said...

Welcome back Cakes! You have been missed.

I hear you on the whole needing to be loved. That is why we needed a shift in church too. (although, I'm no longer pastoring at all).

Beautiful pictures!

Bridgett said...

We would miss you so much and you deserve that so much more. I hope it works out for you. Being a part of a dying church is no good. We used to be members at Immaculate Conception/St. Henry and it was grueling. Joining Pius was such a happy relief, even with all the ups and downs. And we're not running the place.

Jennifer (JLP) said...

Sounds like this opportunity is exactly what he has been waiting for? The whole one door closes, another opens thing?