Monday, March 02, 2009


When is it terrible to have lots of kids? When they are all sick and you are too. I was up most of the night with one sick kiddo or another, or up hacking up a lung myself. This is a very bad cold that has us in its grips. Sweeting will only sleep on my chest, so of course I wake her up every time I cough. If she feels half as bad as I do the poor darling is miserable. sore throat, chills, congestion. ugh. Hopefully we will be up and running again soon.

uh oh. just heard Chowder coughing...another one bites the dust.


Melanie said...

Oh, no! Hoping everyone is better soon!

gem said...

Oh no, that does sound really miserable. Hope you are all better soon. Winter is nearly over!

valerie said...

aw, hope it passes quickly!