Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All my piggie ladies...

I am ordering a hog next week and I want some tips on butchering. I would love to have sausages and bacon made, but I'd also like to make some myself. I think it would be a cool thing for the kids to experience. once!

So, I know I have several readers that keep pigs and I would love to know your suggestions on a cut list and what I should ask the butcher for. (Do I ask the butcher to give me the casings?) AND your fave sausage and bacon recipes.

and think of me tomorrow. I'll be all nervous and shy at my new school all day.


Bridgett said...

hey--got your comment but could not publish it without I rewrote...

gem said...

First up before I forget, good luck tomorrow. I am in awe of your determination to follow through with this. Well done.
Second up. Your comment on my blog was a real eye opener to me. I always thought she was like E's side of the family, a bit dreamy, but you are so right. I can now see the parallels. Thanks for that. A eureka moment. (she's much sweeter than me though!)
Third up. The pigs. As you know we reared our own last spring and butchered them before the summer. We are very lucky and have a lovely butcher, third generation, small shop in the local village and interested in the project. he met us before he started butchering and discussed our options with us and advised us. So if you have someone like that, pick their brains. I think it depends what kind of food you cook most. When we do it again I will get more minced (I think that is ground for you!) I found some great recipes for pork and apricot burgers, spicy meat balls and chilli mince that I served in taco shells all of which the kids loved. Also it great for making sausages. He gave us the casing. I have a kenwood mixer which has a sausage making nozzle so takes the hard work out! We also got a lot of spare ribs which went down a treat. We got some salted and the butcher did this for us with no colouring, just salt, water and molasses. It was great and I think I would get more salted the next time. It is more salty than regular bacon though.
I would get less regular roast pork next time because we rarely have the "traditional roast" but that may be just us. Anyway, hope that helps.
Thanks again.

xa said...

They'll all be ground to sausages in Cakes' machine!

Rachel said...

I have not forgotten about you and you're request. I was going to have our butcher shop email me there 'cut sheet'. Does yours have one? then you just check what you want. Around here Iowa Chops are big. They basically are pork chops cut really thick:) How unqiue of us with that name eh!? If you get those I have an AMAZING merinade for them.
Personally I am not a pork fan. My stomach can not digest it. But yeah, we leave for disneyworld tomorrow. I will email them today and see if they can send it to me.
Good luck!!