Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Apologies

I have been so self absorbed lately that I have only been peeking into my dear friends' blogs and I have fallen very behind. My Bloglines shows that I have 567 posts to read! That kinda freaked me out so I marked all read. And will begin reading anew.

If something happened you want to tell me about post a link in the comments. I really don't want to miss anything!


gem said...

Missed nothing, in fact my most recent post is how there hasn't been much going on!
I had noticed you missing though so know that we do miss you!
Gosh, lots of missing in that sentence!!

Bridgett said...

Well, to bring you up to the moment, not even on the blog yet, I just fell down the stairs, a neighbor brought me a lemon meringue pie, and Maeve has croup.

Pie and croup are fine, even good in the case of pie. Falling down the steps (one landing to the next, about 6 steps total) one week post-surgery, not so great actually. But I didn't break anything or rupture anything and now I'm taking a percoset and eating pie.

Cakes said...

Thanks Gem!

Bridgett!! What in the world?! Tell me you were not holding Leo when that happened. I fell on stairs once while carrying Jellybean. I was able to protect her, but really hurt myself in the process.