Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where have I been? or do they have a frequent flyer card for Children's emergency room

  • 11/5- Hand-me-down Hand-me-down Hand-me-down washing machine finally gives up the ghost in the middle of a dirty diaper cycle with a very sad whining sound followed by an ominous whirring sound followed by a loud thunk followed by very loud silence.
  • 11/6- Meatball pukes in his bad at 2am.
  • 11/7- Porkchop pukes in his bed at 3:30am
  • 11/8- Cakes transports 8 loads of laundry to the laundromat where it costs $17 to wash only.
  • 11/9-Cakes spends day drying and folding the 8 loads of wet laundry. Ladybug pukes in her bed.
  • 11/10-Chowder pukes in the bathroom but all over the bathroom.
  • 11/11-Cakes transports 9 loads of laundry to the laundromat where it costs $16.50 to wash only.
  • 11/12-Cakes spends day drying and folding the 9 loads of wet laundry. Sweeting pukes all over Cakes. Cakes pukes back.
  • 11/13-First puke-free day. Chowder gets call from Skaterboy's high school asking us which hospital the ambulance should deliver him to. Chowder goes to school to pick him up. He was horsing around with buddies and managed to dislocate his elbow. At Children's Hospital they discover Skaterboy has also shattered his growth plate and broken another bone in the joint. Goes in for surgery where they put two pins in his elbow. Stays night at Children's.
  • 11/14-Skaterboy comes home from hospital at 1:00p. He goes with me to Sam's and Target to do some shopping. At 2:30 Chowder calls to tell me to return immediately because Porkchop has split his head open. Chowder takes Porkchop to Children's emergency room where it takes 5 hours to get 3 staples put in the back of Porkchop's head. (My mother scolds me for allowing my children to roughhouse too much. I explain that Porkchop split his head open while sitting at the dining room table coloring when he reached for another crayon slipped off one chair and hit his head on another. But I promised from now on I will make him wear a helmet while coloring.)
  • 11/15-Cakes transports 12 loads of laundry to the laundromat where it costs $23 to wash only. Spends rest of day and evening drying and folding.
  • 11/16- Quiet. blessed quiet.
  • 11/17- purchase new washing machine and practically wet myself with the excitement of it all.
  • 11/19- Washing machine delivered.
  • 11/20 Cakes washes everything in the house.
  • 11/21 Porkchop gets staples removed brings them home proudly in a ziploc container. Jellybean finally succumbs and pukes in her bed at 2:15am.
  • 11/22- Friend's Thanksgiving. I cook 22lb turkey (it was scrumptious! If I do say so myself.) for 16 adults and their children. Chowder rearranges 3 rooms in house 4 hours before guests are to arrive. But, the changes are good ones.

Sweeting sleeps from midnight to 8am. Cakes cannot accept this gift because Ladybug wakes crying at 3am and then Porkchop comes barging in at 5:30am and Jellybean at 6:45am. Cakes finally gets up at 7:00am and weeps quietly to herself.

  • 11/23- Sweeting is baptized at community ecumenical Thanksgiving worship service. Chowder preaches amazing sermon and Sweeting gazes thoughtfully up at Pastor Jackie as she pours water over her head, then coos knowingly as she is introduced to the community. 22 people come back to our house for drinks and snacks.
  • 11/24-Skaterboy goes in for cast removal, more x-rays and other tediousness. Sweeting gets check up which means immunizations which means crabby baby.

Astoundingly, this was our family's first trip to the Emergency Room. And Chowder and I were able to giggle and snuggle through it all. I love that man.


Rachel said...

oh my gosh you poor thing. What a time of it you've had. I pray things get better!! They have to right!?

JLP said...

Well, that answers the question of where you've been. Good grief! It's funny because when I started reading this, I thought for sure you HAD to have canceled your Friends' Thanksgiving with all of this going on. But then I got to that paragraph and you pulled it off. You are my hero.

LOL about the helmet for coloring.

Congrats on Sweeting's baptism.

May you have a blessed and puke-free Thanksgiving week!

gem said...

Wow. I am always moaning about how routine life is, now I think I'll accept routine with grace! Good to see things are Ok (?!) and great photos by the way

Lewis family said...

I am SO thrilled that you are back! Figured there must be some excitement happening there...but WHOA...THAT is a lot of excitement!

Sounds like you all are taking it pretty well in stride.

Thanks for the updates and the laughs!

Bridgett said...

oh shoot I forgot your TG on Saturday. We were handling our own bout of ill, though, and Mike was out shooting herbivores in the woods, so it probably wasn't a good day for anyone.

We did not have as much vomit as you did. I've had weeks like that...which usually start: Day 1: Mike leaves town; and end with trips to the doctor for cat scratch fever and stuff like that. Weeping in a public restroom because someone won't give up a urine sample that is required for antibiotics to begin.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. In the last 3 days here Nicholas has been diagnosed with milk and egg allergy, Luke with cellulitis, and dh is currently downstairs with the wet vacuum trying to clean up from a flood. But as overwhelming as all of that is, I'd still choose it over your last few weeks.

You deserve a mom's night out for sure. Hope everyone is on the mend soon, and stays that way for a good long while.


Melanie said...

And here I thought you were just busy snuggling that new little one! Ay yi yi!

Niki said...

Woah! You have been ONE BUSY MOMMA! Life at your house is never dull! Glad you are back blogging! We missed you!