Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who's guarding the hen house?

Well, as I posted yesterday I have a bit of a one track mind these days. Not that the other kids are being neglected, because they would never allow that. And they have just as much of a one track mind as I do. They can't get enough of Sweeting and most days I have to beat the kids off so I can hold the little darling. That said, we have had a few "episodes."

1.) Sweeting survived her first poisoning by a sibling. All the kids were outside playing while Sweeting was napping upstairs. I heard her start to cry so I sent Chowder up to get her. Instead he found Ladybug (how she snuck in and upstairs without us seeing her, I don't know) stuffing Sweeting's mouth full of Almond Body Butter. After scooping as much as I could out of her mouth and calling poison control, Sweeting ended up with the worst side effect being a really runny diaper.

2.) I love Meatball's hair. He has the best hair in the family. It's thick and curly and the prettiest shade of blonde.

Well, it was. Until he gave himself a haircut and I had to hack off the rest in order to fix it.

I keep telling myself it's just hair. And it will grow back.

3.) As fine as the kids are...the dog is a different story. He has eaten an entire bush. He has begun to rip up hunks of grass and throw them up into the air. He is terrorizing the cats. He comes upstairs at night and rams the bedroom door with his head over and over until somebody lets him in or puts him back downstairs.

I know he just needs some attention and we are doing better at that. Before the baby, Chowder would take him for runs in the morning and then I would take him to the dog park in the evenings. So, he has not been getting the exercise he is used to. We did this again most days last week and he was much better.

He really is sweet when he's not eating the shrubbery.


Lewis family said...

Oh, reading this makes me feel SO much better...I only have one 'big kid' and feel like our little episodes are humorous & exasperating all at the same time...thanks for sharing yours!

Bridgett said...

I saw (I think) one of your cats sitting on your stoop looking dejected. Perhaps s/he was just trying to get away (or maybe it wasn't yours--but it would make sense with your dog story). Our dog never seemed to notice when babies came home. Of course, she was 4 or 5 before Sophia was born. And had a thyroid condition that made her, well, lazier.

Cakes said...

Yep. That's PoPo. He likes to lay around on the stoop. And pee in my neighbor's yard, apparently. *sigh*

KellyLynn said...

Yes Hair grows back, but i also just loved his hair. He looks like such an old soul with it. Oh how freaked were You about the lotion? Sneaky little one on your hands.
I am glad Humphrey is adjusting with some exercise. My basset howls and flings things in the air with her mouth when she wants attention.

Niki said...

Wow, Cakes, all I can say is that I don't know how you do it! 6 kids AND a dog and two cats?? My kids keep asking for a pet now that we live in a house instead of a townhouse, but I keep telling them that we have Jorja! :P

Multi-tasking Mom said...

LOL sounds like normal adjustment-type stuff to me. That happens to people with the arrival of a second baby, no to mention a sixth! His new haircut looks great on him, makes him look more grown up, but VERY handsome. The dog, well he'll adjust to his new routine too. And like kids, puppies go through little rebellions as they grow up. Good luck, and keep enjoying that darling Sweeting.

gem said...

Hi there. Just popped by to say hope all is well and that the silence on the posting front is related to the new arrival and normal chaos. Looking forward to hearing your news when you get a chance

Mel said...

Hey, I know you have 6 trillion children but we miss you and need new pics of Ellie-girl. Come back!