Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nail biter...

Well, I did it.
I actually submitted my application for college. I need to mail out my transcript requests and finish up my resume, but everything else is in order.

I can't believe how nervous I am about all of this.


On another nail biter note,
Ladybug has taken to exposing my belly several times a day to tell Sweeting to, "Get out! Get out Baby! Can I have? Baby! Baby! Baby! Can I have?"

Yes Darling, soon enough you can have the baby. She will come out. And then you'll be the big sister.


Melanie said...

WTG on the college apps! Would that be for this fall yet?

Too cute about Ladybug!

Jenni said...

lovely belly! and rah rah rah on the application! you rock!

Cakes said...

Yep! I'll (hopefully) be starting in September.

Mel said...

Well done brave Cakes!
That picture makes me want to cry, its just beautiful.
Such a little girl a big sister? Wow!

Elizabethw said...

What a wonderful photo that is! And how cute.

And how ambitious of you to start college this fall!!!!