Monday, August 25, 2008

"The days are long but the years are fleeting"

Well, they're off. Meatball and Jellybean started school all day in Primary classes (they don't have traditional grades at their Montessori school) and Porkchop is every day mornings in the preschool room. I think we were the only one with a child crying because we were taking her home. Poor Ladybug. She'll start a couple mornings a week in January.

There are 24 kids in their class and 3 teachers. They are all so excited, though Porkchop is having a hard time getting left behind. But, I have a feeling that several days a week he'll be in the twins' classroom after preschool to continue working on his reading and math.


gem said...

hard to see where the years go isn't it. Julie, my youngest(!!) is starting afternoon this year and so will not be finished school until 3pm. I can't believe it. Glad to see all is well.

Jenny said...

Montessori - is that a popular choice in the US. There are some Montessori schools here, but they are rare.
There philosophy is interesting, and I see many pluses in their method (unless you have a complete personality clash with the teacher, and are stuck with them).

Cakes said...

Montessori is very common in preschool, but much rarer after that. This is one of only 2 in my city that are Montessori Elementary schools (goes up to 12 yrs old)