Monday, June 02, 2008


A little peek into the world of the guitar hero. I, of course, wish the music choice were a little different but hey! I'm a mother I'm supposed to think that. Otherwise what fun would it be for him!

He asked me if I like this song, I said, "No. But wouldn't you be disappointed if I did?" He kind of laughed and said, "Yeah."

I don't know what happened to the sound on this clip. It's fine on my computer...


gem said...

To be completely frank, and not to hurt Skaterboy's feelings at all as he is very talented, you have my sympathies! I think that music would have to be relegated to the shed in my house! But hey, as I have commented in the past I have a very low tolerance for the tin whistle for God's sake, so who am I to talk!
PS. My mysterious post has been clarified, but not very exciting, sorry, merely a technical mistake on my part!

Sally said...

Wow, that's some talent Skaterboy's got! I'm impressed.
Not my personal choice of music either though!

PS. I really love the name Eleanor and it goes well with your other kids' names!

Jenny said...

I love it.
I am looking forward to having teenagers, and being able to disagree with their music, fashion etc.