Monday, January 14, 2008

Peek-In-Monday/Men:They'll Drive you Crazy/Giddy as a School Girl

Peek-In-Monday rules...
Post a video of your regular everyday life. Just a little peek into the daily goings on of your life.

A little basketball action for your viewing pleasure...When the Cakes' family plays, we play for keeps!


He said: I said, "I probably don't want anymore babies."
He said: I just hate everything that goes into us trying to conceive.
He said: I'm worried about all the anxiety and pressure. about getting sucked back in.
He said: I'm worried about losing another one.
I said: me, too.

We'll revisit things again in May.


Today I go to the open house at St. Mary of the Woods. I'm crazy excited but really really nervous.
silly, no?


Jenni said...

Not silly. Hope you have a blast!

gem said...

1) I thought basketball was non contact. That looks much more like rugby, which my 13 year old son insists on playing with my 6 year old daughter!
2) I think you are right to leave it lone for awhile. We had simular issues with me wanting a 4th and E not so much. I finished up saying " you know how I feel but I will move on if you really don't want it." He came back a few weeks later and said he wanted it too. Can't promise this will happen but my gut feeling is that he wants it too, he's just reluctant to disturb a very good status quo.
3) I still yearn for another even though J2 is nearly 7 and I am 41 AND E had a vasectomy. Other side of the coin is though we can do a lot together now that we couldn't do with a toddler. I tell myself that you have to move on at some stage
4) Today is excitiing, of course you are nervous, it's a big step. Good luck!

julie said...

That video is a crack up. I want to come over and play too!

I read your post below and I totally understand how you feel. We have had a lot of the same issues as you. Time does seem to help. We usually end up on the same page one way or the other, I do hate the distance it makes me feel towards my husband though. I will be praying for you.


KellyLynn said...

Full contact basketball is the best!
here is our peak in , its a Star Wars theme

Here is a question for you. How do you handle the boys fighting/wrestling? My twins are always all over each other, its driving me crazy.

Cakes said...

Kellylynn~I'm amazed at how restrained Cole was with Allie! Porkchop would have had no mercy! LOL!

As for wrestling, I generally don't mind it when they are playing. Some days when they can't seem to stop fighting I'm put them out in the yard. I've told them if they want to fight like stray dogs in the alley, then that's where they can go to do it, but not in my house. LOL!

Anonymous said...
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Sandy C. said...

Wow! That is a great peek into some full contact basketball, I have a little girl that would be all over that too :)