Friday, January 18, 2008

Fridge Friday!

It's Fridge Friday again!

Alright, this was from Fridge Wednesday (obviously shopping day.) I opened the refrigerator and seeing the spaceship, aliens, and dinosaurs, may or may not have shouted, "What the hell is this?!" Jellybean walking past the kitchen, rolled her eyes so hard I thought they would get stuck in the back of her head and replied, "It's Jupiter." As in, "Could you be more stupider?"

So, if anyone was lamenting the fate of the dinosaurs, fear not. They appear to be thriving on Jupiter. That little earth dude is going to get quite a surprise when he drives his little moon buggy around that jug of apple juice.

This is our fridge today. Very excited this week! There was a big sale on spare ribs ($1.09 a lb!) Check out my two slabs! (bottom shelf) So, on Sunday we're having ribs! Wahoo! ok so it takes 4 hours to cook them but maaaaannnn is it worth it. mmmmmmmmm. I also got whole chickens for 65 cents a pound. So, I bought three. I'll be pot roasting two of them tonight. One of our family favorites.

And just so Shaz can make fun of me some more...
our week in cereal

and a triple batch of rice crispy treats


jlp said...

And where do my eyes land almost immediately? On the Budweiser Select, chilling away... which reminds me I have to put some pilsner glasses in the freezer for Miller time later. I love Fridays.

Marlee said...

LOVE the dinosaurs! My 4 yo would probably be more likely to eat THOSE than anything we have in our fridge... ;)

Niki said...

Love it! I even clicked on the pic so it enlarged so I could really have a good look! (That is one big container of Horseradish. Would last about 100 years in our house!)

Just about to join you and post my own Fridge Friday pics.

Wish you could have us over for a playdate (with rice cristy treats)!

Niki said...

Whoops! Rice CRISPY treats is what I meant!

Cakes said...

Horseradish?! The upside down container in the door is horseradish sauce...Are you looking maybe at the giant jar of minced garlic on the bottom shelf of the door?

I will be over with the Rice Crispy treats!

valerie said...

LOL at the dinosaurs. Like Niki, I had to blow it up to have a close look. :)

Could you give me your rib recipe? I have a slow-cooker one which is "okay", but no more than that. And I love ribs. And beer. ;)

Jenni said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh the pan of rice crispie treats is absolutely sublime. ***drooling***