Friday, January 11, 2008

Fridge Friday!

Are you kidding me! I love this! Is there anything MORE up my voyeuristic alley?! Some genius thought up the idea of Fridge Friday. Here's the deal, every Friday you post a picture of your fridge. Add it to the Flickr group. And no sprucing it up before hand.

So here is my first contribution...

I grocery shop on Wednesdays so we've already gone through 3 gallons of milk, 1/2 dozen apples and oranges, a bag of salad, etc. I can't figure out why we have 3 open bottles of Ranch. We never use Ranch dressing. I don't even know where they came from! You can see some of my bulk buying, three margarines, 4 cream cheeses, etc. By Tuesday this thing is pretty much barren. I wish Chowder would get the basement fridge door fixed so we could use it. I hate having to go back out for milk. We go through 8-10 gallons a week but can fit 6 maybe 7 in the fridge.

This is out fridge freezer. We also have a big chest freezer in the basement that holds the bulk stuff. When I make my menu, I bring whatever I'm going to use for the week to the upstairs freezer. We may or may not have an addiction to edamame.

So are you going to play?


Sandy C. said...

Whoa! I'm coming over to your house for food! You saw my fridge...i think my food would fill one of your shelves :)

Mmmmm, Edamame...yummy!

Jenni said...

Love me some edamame, with plenty of salt. Do you ever read the Rachel Ray magazine? She profiles a celebrity's fridge at the back of each's kind of fun.

My fridge is boring because, well, it's empty. On any given day. Immediately after shopping, even. I live with locusts of Biblical proportions.

KellyLynn said...

Ok i am game, sorta! i have my picutures, my dh thinks i am crazy! hah, but i am too lazy to post on the flickr. We are pretty empty
and the freezer just as blah
And don't look at my calander. I haven't gotten one for 2008 yet! i don't know what i am waiting for!

Mel said...

Impressive! Glad to see amidst the kazillion liters of milk you have a bottle of vino. I love grocery shopping in the States! All that bulk buy bargain power buy stuff. I am arriving on the 23rd of April. Please make space for a bottle of dry champagne for me, maybe lose a ranch dressing to fit it in?

shaz said...

dude, "got milk?" takes on a whole new meaning in your case!

Geggie said...

I was going to make a milk joke, but it's already been done. We have three gallons for just two people, so we're milk drinkers too.

Thanks so much for playing. This will be fun!!

Niki said...

Fun! I'm into looking into other peoples fridges!

And funny that I am sitting here eating edemame as I read! Yum!