Friday, December 21, 2007

Are they fooling you?

'Cause I've got three large boxes of packing peanut "snow" all over the living room floor that says differently.


KellyLynn said...

Ohh this picture brings back a great memory of when my grandfather made me an Angel costume for church one christmas, i think i was 6 maybe. He made me wings out of cardboard and foil! Your angels are too cute. I am sure they have NO idea how those packing peanuts got all over the floor!! :)

valerie said...

aw, they're beautiful. good thing you took a picture, LOL!

The Wadhwa Family said...

It was the kitties, mama! You know, payback for the bath.

julie said...

They are totally fooling me. They are just to cute. Who cares about the fake snow, I'm sure they aren't concerned.

Merry Christmas,