Monday, November 26, 2007

argh!!!! Peek-In-Monday technical difficulties

Ok! I think I got it to work! Let's give this a try...


valerie said...

Your trial videos were great!

I haven't uploaded any new ones but here's one from last Christmas, along the theme of kids repeating and repeating. ;)

(you need the volume fairly loud to hear it - and I didn't realize how poor the video quality was - I think Webshots lowers it)

KellyLynn said...

oK I Don't blog, but i am seeing if this will work. this was taken the night before their 1st day at 4 yr old preschool in Septemeber.

Cakes- i hope you are able to work out your bugs so we can see your "peek-in"

Cakes said...

That was adorable Valerie! I love that! I love those snowmen! I buy the new one every year to bother Chowder.

"Good one Conner!" Kellylynn that was so cute. Your boys go to bed so nicely. You'll have to let me in on your secrets.