Monday, October 15, 2007

kittens, kittens, kittens

even for someone who doesn't have a particular soft spot for cats, kittens are so damn cute. We went to the Humane Society today to play with kittens. The foster thing isn't really working out, and Chowder and I decided if we are going to do this, then let's just do this.

So, we spent a lot of time with an adorable little black and white girl. She is 3mos old, just came to the Humane Society from a foster home with the rest of her bros and sisses. She is fixed and shotted up. But, I had my eye on a cute little gray and white girl, too. We came home to think for a couple of more days to make sure we want to deal with the logistics. I really want to be committed to her for the next 15 years. Yikes! The kids will be in college by then!

In the mean time I have snapped two mice in my traps and still there were holes in my new bag of BBQ potato chips. ARGH!


valerie said...

realistically, cats are pretty easy. Food, water, scoop the poop occasionally. You don't have to potty train them, don't have to exercise them or walk them for potty breaks, you can even leave them on their own for a weekend. So much easier than dogs. They're usually quite independent so won't fawn over you like a slobbery dog but may gift you with their purring presence in your lap if you behave. Is my bias showing, LOL?